10 Important Infographics for Teachers

Teachers, we want to make your life a little easier. Digesting content can sometimes be overwhelming. So, enjoy clicking through to these amazing, easy-to-read infographics!

1.  Teachers are Heroes. Cool facts! There are over 7.2 million teachers in the US! Did you know that over 80% of teachers are female.

2. The Cost of Dropping Out. We need to reverse this trend. 1 in 4 students drops out of high school.

3. 50 Best Books for Teachers. Wow. What a list. One of our personal favorites is a book by Parker L. Palmer titled “The Courage to Teach.”

4. Education by the NumbersThere are 1.23 billion students in pre-k to high school

5. Your Teacher Was Right. A great infographic that shows how in-class assignments/lectures apply to everyday life!

6. The Impact of Great Teachers. We love teachers. The impact they can have on students is immeasurable.

7. The Educational Path of Our Nation. This infographic was made by Census.Gov. A lot of great statistics, visualized.

8. A Librarian’s Worth. Reference librarians answer more than 7.2 million questions per week.

9. EdTech Cheat Sheet. Understanding New Trends in Education Technology. Teachers, you will want to print this and hang it up in the teachers’ lounge!

10. The Anatomy of a Great Teacher. Powerful list. To all of the great teachers out there, thank you!

Do you know of any more great infographics? If so, comment below!


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