8 Best Paper.Li Newspapers for Teachers

Why search for information when information can come to you! There is a new trend in ways people gather content online called Paper.Li. Basically, anyone can start an online newspaper where people publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.  Below are the 8 best Paper.Li papers for teachers! Enjoy.

1. Laura Conley Ed-Tech Weekly. She publishes a weekly newspaper that talks about Ed-Tech, from a teacher’s perspective. Laura is on top of everything ed-tech, so make sure you subscribe!

2. K-12 Daily Dose by Ernie Delgado. Ernie is a K-12 Technology Planning Expert. He talks about Ed-Tech trends, statistics, and information related to devices in the classroom (BYOD, BYOT, etc)

3. The EdChat Daily. This is one of the most popular Paper.Lis out there! The EdChat daily curates all of the “Ed-Chatter” on the web. Great content. Publishes daily.

4. EdTech News. A technology teacher in Vietnam posts relevant EdTech news daily. He also posts photos, videos, and other news (business and environmental)

5. Ed-Tech Enthusiasts Daily. This paper is for the Ed-Tech LOVERS out there. For the teachers who eat, drink, think, sleep, and dream ed-tech. Enjoy the relevant content.

6. TechEd Buzz. If you are just looking for a weekly newspaper, this is a great newspaper to read. It is designed specifically for teachers.

7. The #NTChat Daily. NT actually stands for “New Teacher.” So, for all you new teachers out there, subscribe to this newspaper and you’ll life will be a lot easier!

8. Rebecca’s #K12 + #EdTech Daily. A great newspaper that combines the best of K-12 news and EdTech news.

It is important to note that you don’t have to subscribe/read all of these newspapers! We made the list to help guide you to find great education content online


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