7 Major Problems (and Solutions) in Education


We are getting very close to the end of the school year is most regions across the country. eSchoolNews recently published an article about many of the big problems in education, and how they can be solved. We hear about many of these same issues every day, so we wanted to share this list and would like feedback and comments about other issues you may see in education, and how you think they would best be solved.

Here are 7 major problems and solutions in education today:


1) There are a handful of obstacles that prevent a more competency-based education system.

  • Create and use available educational resources on competency-based learning. These resources might be best practices, rubrics, tools, or research.

2) Those in potential leadership roles, such as teachers and librarians, aren’t always empowered to help effect change.

  • Create a professional development framework that would target and facilitate leadership discussions.

3) Communities are resistant to change, including technology-based change.

  • Identify new and engaging ways to share cutting-edge and tech-savvy best practices with school and district stakeholders; as well ascommunity members.

4) Education budgets aren’t flexible enough to support the cost, sustainability, or scalability of innovations.

5) Professional development is stale and outdated.

  • Identify best practices from other industries and learn more about adult learning.

6) School districts do not have evidence-based processes to evaluate, select, and monitor digital content inclusive of aligned formative assessments.

  • Create a marketplace to help educators identify, evaluate and own digital content.

7) Current instructional methods leave students less engaged and less inclined to take ownership of their learning.


Check out eSchoolNews for more solutions and great content on how to improve our education system.

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