30 Great Apps for 1st Graders

As an elementary school teacher, you may be wondering how you can incorporate technology into your classroom, effectively. Well, we are here to help! Below are 30 Great Apps for 1st Graders. Enjoy!

1. IXLInteractive games. A math website that allows students ranging from Pre-K to Eight Grade to practice mathematical concepts (free or paid)

2. StarfallTeach students to read with phonics (free to $70)

3. Motion Math - Loved by children as young as five (and adults too!), Motion Math gives learners a physical experience of the number line and an intuitive feeling for fractions ($1.99)

4. Motion Math: Hungry Fish: Practice mental addition and subtraction. (free)

5. Spelling Hero - Practice spelling and/or prepare for a spelling bee (free)

6. ABCYA - A list of free, computer based games for 1st graders! (free)

7. Fractions App - The Top App to Practice Fractions in a Fun, Visual Way! ($0.99)

8. Spelling Test -  Allows you to Create your own Custom Spelling Tests (free)

9. Spell + Friends - It is the one app for school bees, regional bees, and for anyone aspiring to the highest ranks of the National Spelling Bee. (free)

10. Sumdog - Free games to make math fun (online based) (free)

11. Brainnook - A new online game that helps kids develop Math and English skills while exploring the Earth and playing safely with others. (free to $200)

12. Kids Crosswords - 100 words, 10,000 puzzles, 10 levels of increasing difficulty and a million hours of educational fun for your kids! ($0.99)

13. Bob Books #2 HD - Digital Storybook to held your students learn how to read. ($3.99)

14.. Vocab-a-splat - A vocabulary-building game that teaches children the meanings of high-frequency words they encounter while reading. ($0.99)

15. Momo’s Learning Japanese - If your school teaches Japanese, this could be helpful! App stores #1 paid for app. ($0.99)

16. Stack the States - Makes learning about the 50 states fun! Watch the states actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game! ($0.99)

17. Zondle - Create, play and share games to support learning (free)

18. Toontastic – Teaches key storytelling principles that help to promote Creativity at a young age (free)

19. Skoolbo - Available as an online game, or in App phone (Apple or Google Play), Skoolbo features the world’s largest educational games. (free0

20. Barefoot World Atlas - An interactive 3D globe for iPad that invites children to explore the regions and countries of the world, discovering hundreds of fascinating features and immersing themselves in the rich wonders of our planet. ($4.99)

21. Little Bird Tales - Capture your child’s voice and imagination with our creative story building tool and share them with friends and family. ($2.99)

22. Looney Tunes Phonics - Delivered online, Looney Tunes Phonics contains 100 research based interactive cartoon lessons that teach the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum. ($10-12)

23. My Story – Book Maker for Kids - Celebrate your child’s art with My Story, the simplest story maker and book creator in the App Store. ($1.99)

24. Tiny Chicken Learns Currency - Help Tiny sell items at the Farmers Market and learn about currency. In this game, people from the village come down to the Farmer’s Market which is run by you. (free)

25. Tiny Chicken Learns Math - Tiny need to get across the river but there is no bridge. The only way is by strategically placing a raft in the water for Tiny to bounce off it. The position where the raft needs to be placed is depicted by an arithmetic problem (free)

26. Amazing Alex - A fun, physics style game for children, from the creators of Angry Birds ($0.99)

27. Britannica Kids App Series - Covers the most popular topics in school. ($4.99 each)

28. Pencils, Words, & Kids - How & why to write, for kids and their mentors/teachers ($4.99)

29. Math Monsters – A fun and challenging way for kids, ages 6 and up, to learn and play. ($0.99)

30. BrainPop - Short animated films covering science, social studies, english, math, art, music, health, and technology (Subscription model)

What are your thoughts? Are there any other apps you find helpful for 1st graders?

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